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S&K TOOLS is a reliable supplier of high precision and precise parts made to order in small to medium series.

We provide services to manufacturers of high-pressure hydraulic systems, aircraft and transportation equipment, precision machine tools or very precise parts of plastics molds.

We are professionals in the field of 5-axis turning and milling. With grinding and „hard“ machining we achieve precision in microns. We also offer deep drilling and organize many variants of heat treatment and surface treatment to meet different requirements of our customers. For our production we use top-class machines from Mazak and Studer companies.

We will respond quickly to customer needs and deliver your required parts in short lead times and adequate quality guaranteed by our measuring equipment including Zeiss 3D CMM.

S&K TOOLS operates in the European market since 2002 as a member of the S&K GROUP.

Our motto is "Detail matters" and therefore we always strive to do a great job.

We are professionals in the field of CNC precision machining and grinding, relied on by world-class customers. S&K TOOLS, supplier of precise and highly complex components, is based in Brno - the capital of mechanical engineering in the Czech republic. Fast, flexible and accurate to a thousandth of a millimeter, we will manufacture your components for:

  • hydraulic systems
  • moulds for plastics injection
  • aircraft
  • specific parts of machine tools
  • internal combustion engines and turbines

We are able to adapt to your requirements and manufacture prototype components and small series of your parts, including installation. In the machining process we are able to cope with hard and demanding materials such as titanium alloys, Inconel or Hastelloy.

We work solely on orders from our customers, which is why you can be sure we will fully devote ourselves to your orders according to the Time To Market system or supply them flexibly based on your call-offs. In this way we can manufacture for you demanding components in small to medium size series and quickly respond to your requirements and changes. If you need a partner in CNC machining, grinding and other technologies, at S&K TOOLS we are 100% ready to satisfy your needs. Precise and perfect.

CNC machining
Six CNC machining centres MAZAK
2 x Integrex – 5-axis machining, SQT, Nexus
Diameter of material: 5–350 mm
Length of material: max. 1 000 mm
Accuracy: 0,005 mm

CNC grinding
Two CNC grinding machines STUDER S33
Diameter of workpiece: up to 200 mm
Inner diameter: up to 150 mm
Length of workpiece: max. 1 000 mm
Accuracy: up to 0,001 mm

Hard machining
Hardinge T51
Diameter of material: 250 mm
Length of material: 650 mm
Accuracy: up to 0,001 mm


5-axis milling
Miller Mazak Variaxis I600
Work space: 700 x 700 x 450 mm
Max. revolutions: 12 000 rpm

NC deep hole drilling
Max. diameter of drilled hole: 25 mm
Max. length of drilled hole: 1 000 mm

Surface and cylindrical grinding machines

3D measuring, incl. shape scanning
2 CMM with accuracy from 0,7 µm
Work space 500 x 500 x 500 mm

Roundness testing machine
Max. diameter: 360 mm
Accuracy: from 1 µm

CAD/CAM system
For reading and adjusting 3D
models from customers
and the fast transfer to CNC
machine tools

We machine a broad variety of materials
Steel (all types), stainless steel, Inox,
Inconel, Hastelloy, brass, titanium,
nickel and aluminium alloys, cast iron,
forged pieces, malleable cast iron, etc.

We also arrange heat treatment
and surface treatment of machined

Quality Management System in S&K TOOLS has been implemented and certified pursuant to the norm ISO 9001 already in the first year after establishing the company (2002). Since January 2018, our company also complies to the requirements of EN A/S 9100 norm for aviation.

In the production process we use control mechanisms to assure high quality of the final product. This includes in particular the control of incoming materials and semi-finished products, release of the first pieces, in-process controls and final inspections of the products prior to their shipment to the customer. Product inspection and measurement are performed at our air-conditioned quality control lab, equipped with among others, 3D measuring system Carl Zeiss and form tester Mahr.

Our experienced team of quality inspectors is able to develop documentation and test reports in various formats according to the requirements and wishes of our clients (PPAP, FAI, etc.). Specialized tests are performed in cooperation with third-party laboratories possessing appropriate certifications.

S&K Tools offers the possibility of collaboration and cooperation with hi-quality manufacturing companies. We are looking mainly for companies possessing spare capacities for machining:

  • Turning up to 350 mm diameter and 1000 mm length
  • Milling to a maximum size of 500x500x500mm
  • Flat and cylindrical grinding

Furthermore, we are interested in technological cooperation:

  • Vacuum hardening
  • Quenching and tempering
  • Case-hardening / Carburizing
  • Nitriding
  • Black oxide
  • Anodizing

and many other types of heat processing and surface treatment.
Please contact us if you're interested, we shall be glad to discuss specific cooperation options with you.

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Our customers

  • MOOG
  • Honeywell
  • SAAB
  • Latecoere


Lenka Karásková

Customer Service +420 530 515 609

Ing. Petr Sedláček

Managing Director S&K Tools s.r.o. +420 724 642 090

ing. Lubomír Svoboda

Business Manager +420 724 642 063

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Slepý text, slepý text. Popis kreatoivya rozsahu prací na projektu.

Audi nyní nabízí majitelům vozů. Audi zvýhodněné ceny vybranýchservisních úkonů. Ceny zahrnují práci, díly i DPH. Za výhodnou cenu tak získáte pro svůj vůz profesionální péči a jistotu použití Audi originálních.